What we offer

Permanent & Temporary Recruitment - Our documented recruitment methodologies for Ad Selection and File Selection provide our clients with protection, plus through the quality of our guarantees of 12 months for permanent executive and support staff and 7.5 hours for temporary staff.

Internal Panel Recruitment - At times, clients require internal assistance with recruiting as the complexity and/or the crucial interpretation of some positions require further expertise. Therefore clients engage Law Staff to participate in their selection process. Law Staff client advisors have vast experience across a variety of roles as well as sourcing executive positions attarcting substantial salary packages.

Permanent Recruitment - A detailed job specification allows for a thorough file search and/or a job advertisement. Telephone screening, then a consultancy based face-to-face interview determines suitability. Full computer testing together with 2 reference checks are completed. A report detailing presentation, experience and our level of recommendation of the candidates suitability for the available position together with the candidates original CV are presented to the client. Law Staff with comprehensive knowledge of market salaries, can also assist with formulating an offer.

Psychometric Evaluations - Law Staff provides testing on request and understands psychometric profiling is a tool to evaluate a candidates' suitability for a role. Personality, motivation, intellectual abilities, career interests and competencies are individual references which impact of performance.

Software Assessments - Law Staff organises tests when required and we do test each candidate to verify his/her relevant skills in speed and accuracy, spelling as well as other software applications.

After Placement Service - Law Staff at intermittent stages, does a thorough follow-up to ensure both parties are completely happy.